The Magnum Opus

by Ryan Eagle



released January 1, 2016




Ryan Eagle Austin, Texas

Ryan Eagle is an artist and musician. All of his music is made independently He writes, records, composes his own music. R.E. Has released 6 full length Albums with another in the making. All of the album artwork are actual paintings created by him.

"I literally do this every day"
-Ryan Eagle
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Track Name: Serenity
I thank god for my serenity/
and infinity/ is what I'm searching for/
The decor/ of my present state of mind is defined/
By the way the words rhyme/
and Time is an illusion I've conformed to/
I need no conformation/
on the stimulation/
I receive/ they deceive/
and deception is a virtue/
I will never let it hurt you/
hurt who?
The innocent and unprotected/
clearly neglected and effected/
by the way of the world/
which turns with no sympathy/
empathy is rejected/
and ejected/
from the minds of a holy/
because a priest dont feast on the soul of a young man/
if so/ a wolf's in sheep's clothing he is then/
but who's to say/ who can talk who can pray/
can we all just come to an agreement/
that we need to make movement towards another dimension/
where happiness isn't superficial/
the future can't be told through a crystal/
no knowledge being kicked/
but if it pricks like the thorn of a cactus/
don't act as it never happened/
just accept it/ be receptive/ to the words being amplified/
and refine all judgement!

-Ryan Eagle
Track Name: There was a Dragon
There was a dragon/
who blew his flame/
at the village/
that had no name/
then the dragon/
flew over/ there was a man who had the courage to fight/
there was a man who was the shining light/
there was a man who had a sword/ and he could use his might/
there was a man/

Then the man/ saw the dragon/ and he said do you want me to blow my flame/but the dragon/ before he could he said: "Brave man, what is your name"/ The man said when I draw the final blow/ That is when/ that is when you will know/ who I am/ and what my name is/ but until then just blow your flame then/

The war waged on/ for a whole day/ beaten and battered/ and withered away/ he drew the strength/ from the village/ fighting on/ fighting on!


-Ryan Eagle
Track Name: Saturday
Well Today I woke up with a smile on my face/
Because today is the day I can seize my day/
The day after friday/
the heart of the weekend/
we can go to barton springs or tour downtown/
we can sit on the porch and lounge/
If you're down/ I'm down/ I've been working all week man/
What can I say/ It's time for me to play/

Because it's, Saturday! OH!

It take a pen and a pad to try and reach me/ people who mad they try and teach me/ but its something that if people could hear they might learn/

And its time for me to go out/ its a blow out/ people ready to show out/ get your hair done/ get your nails fixed/ now you ready for 6th/ and if you from here you see some people that you met before/ say hello/ then keep it moving/ no time for catching up too many things to do/ everything closes at 2/ the freaks come out at night and its alllriigght!/ cause the citys full of wierdos/ and dont forget that it's,

Saturday OH!

-Ryan Eagle