I Rap, Shit and Sleep

by Ryan Eagle



My only form of currency is this pen and my pad
I need to collect money fast
so I can be a good dad
run along now lad
this rap for me is not a fad
straight form of expression
the impression of my foot in the dirt
show that I walk the earth
I'm not an accountant
I'm not a doctor or a lawyer
so my ways aren't practical
to most of these jokers my dreams aren't practical
but I see it as practical hope
because this is what I do the most
I will travel the world just so you can hear me flow

Nigga I rap shit and sleep
be my guest and follow the sheep now sleep
you're in a state of dormancy
Wake the fuck up and PAY ATTENTION!

Your words deep but your actions deeper
if she got a mind on her than she's a keeper
nothing like some intellectual stimulation
the vibrations from the temptation got me feeling elevated
and elated
to make your acquaintance
pleased to meet you
nice to see you
but I must get back to this currency
my rap is my heartbeat
chopped and screwed
never subdued
still paying my dues just to be that new rap dude!

This music is my currency
broke in the pockets but got a mind full of dreams!!


released March 19, 2017



all rights reserved


Ryan Eagle Austin, Texas

Ryan Eagle is an artist and musician. All of his music is made independently He writes, records, composes his own music. R.E. Has released 6 full length Albums with another in the making. All of the album artwork are actual paintings created by him.

"I literally do this every day"
-Ryan Eagle
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